Weather & Radar App Reviews

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Im frequently use the app before a motorcycle trip, it working good and help to not have a weather surprise on the road. I believe in new version where we can see on the time. I recommend this app. Good job guys!!

Funktioniert wie es soll!

Alles super!


Funzt auch prima international

Clear presentation

Reliable app and very clear graphics


I think the best weather app but yearly premium membership a little bit expensive.





Useful weather app

I found that this app gives fairly better predictions for local Pune city weather.


Very accurate forecasts. Especially regarding precipitation.

Just in dutch

Its a shame the app is just running in dutch.

Best Weather App

Most reliable weather app I have used so far. I can only recommend it!

Radar location...

Not as accurate as it professes to be - requests to find your location and some miles/Im off!

Sehr gut!

Tip top!




Bom aplicativo

Bom app

Aplicativo simples e útil!

The only weather app I turn to

Ive tried a number of Weather apps but this one is the one that I always return to. Particularly for the rain radar. For me its essential.


Tut alles in allem, was man erwartet..

Not working at all

Tried to use it in Poland but whatever I try to enter the app crashed without any message.

The best

The most accurate app weather in my area (Poland). I need just one more thing. Guys please do a complication for AW!

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